Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is a beautiful famous touristic attraction, located on Sinai Peninsula in South Sinai governorate. It is considered one of the top favored destination spots in Egypt.  Sharm El Sheikh has its own character formed by the breathtaking marine life and the red sea coral reefs.

Visitors to Sharm El Sheikh definitely enjoy their time; they find all kinds of water activities such as: snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, parasailing and boating.  In addition, they enjoy watching the colorful night shows, shopping and buying souvenirs.

One can say that Sharm El Sheikh is the favorite spot for divers as it is famous for scuba diving.  What makes it even charmer is the fact that you have smaller cities nearby to visit for example; Dahab which is known to be a paradise on earth!  There you can go to the blue hole where you will find a lot of divers and adventure seekers enjoying the magnificent marine life and the colorful coral reefs.  It is like there is another world underwater and you have to experience it.

At night, people usually go to nightclubs, attend cultural and entertaining shows, camp in desert & enjoy the mountains and definitely go shopping.

Ras Mohammed Red Sea Cruise and Snorkeling

Ras Mohammed National Park on the southernmost tip of Sinai Peninsula is one of the world's most beautiful underwater sites. The protected marine reserve owns stunning coral reefs, spectacular undersea world and crystal blue water. People enjoy full day trip on a relaxing cruise where they can snorkel in one of the most charming spots of the Red Sea.

Tiran Island Cruise and Snorkeling

Located in the southern Gulf of Aqaba is the pleasing island of Tiran. Parallel to most tours of Sharm El-Sheikh, you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, relaxing around the white sandy island and sunbathing. Have a glimpse of the colorful reefs, exotic fish & turtles and experience delicious buffet lunch on deck.

Quad Biking in Sinai Desert

Tour the desert during sunrise or sunset, experience quad-biking and enjoy the unique Bedouin lifestyle. This trip is perfect for families, it requires no experience & it is so entertaining. Just listen to short safety briefing, follow your guide and start your exciting ride across the sands.